Cameron was born July 14th, 1997, to Reggie and Juanita Wrinkle. Born into a musical family, it was only natural for Cameron to pick up an instrument at a very young age. Starting with the fiddle at 3 years old and moving on to the guitar at age 9, doors were opened that would change him forever. Everyday after school Cameron would go home and write music and practice the guitar for hours. It was evident that he had a passion for music. At only 9 years of age, Cameron was already playing on stage along side the uncle of legendary guitar player Stevie Ray Vaughan. Cameron’s music career began to gain momentum in high school as he started flying across the country to meet with record and management companies. Much to his dismay, however, Cameron's father would only allow him to pursue music once he had finished high school. Immediately after graduating, Cameron picked up from where he left off and began hopping on planes to check out studios and production companies. Through family and friends, Cameron grew to know many past and present artists in the recording business. After acquiring firsthand insight into the business, Cameron began to fear creative control and loss of free will. Seeing no clear blue skies ahead, Cameron decided to stay as an independent artist and not pursue a recording contract. A few months after his 20th birthday, Cameron packed up and headed to Nashville’s Water Shed Studios to record his Debut EP.

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